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Participated in 2010 Düsseldorf International Tube & Pipe Trade Fair

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During 21st-24th September, A distinguished gathering—The 4th Düsseldorf International wire & Tube Trade Fair, which ranks the biggest in Asia and the second biggest around the world, has been held successfully in SNIEC.


Taiyuan Tongze Heavy Industry Co., Ltd as well as the other more than 1300 exhibitors at home and abroad has taken part in the Trade Fair, which has encouraged our trade and communication with demanders from China and even Asia.


We are committed to improving the popularity of our products, showing our design and manufacture capacity at this Trade Fair, during which there has been hundreds of participators from Germany, Italia, India, Iran, Japan, South Korea, U.S.A, Brazil, and UK etc. visiting our exhibition stand. Meanwhile, we also made mutual exchanges about seamless pipe industry prospects with some new customers. And also the whole event will definitely promote our future businesses.