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Successfully Commissioning of Ф366 TRCM

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Ф366 TRCM pipeline (Three Roller Continuous Rolling Mill) of Bazhou Seamless Pipe Limited was Successfully commissioned on 10th January, 2011.


This project with a largest specification, highest capacity and the most advanced technology fully taken by Taiyuan Tongze Heavy Industry Co., LTD. It indicates that China has reached international advanced standard in hot rolling pipe equipment manufacturing.


The TRCM line includes billet preparation zone, rotary hearth furnace, cone-type piercer, hollow antioxidation system, high-pressure water descaler, 5-stands TRCM, mandrel circulation system, 5-stands extractor, 14-stand SRM, walking beam cooling bed, pipe layer saw, pipe collecting system, finishing line, etc. Products range are different kinds of boiler pipe, line pipe, structure pipe, fluid pipe, oil crack pipe, high-pressure fertilizer pipe, oil pipe, etc with specification of Dia.Ф127-366mm, wall thickness of 6-40mm and capacity of 600,000 MT/Year. The technology of HCCS been used in this project is with fully intellectual property. Tongze sets all the technical parameters and owns patent and know-how.