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ϕ114 mm MPM production line for Chong Steel


ϕ114 mm MPM production line for Chong Steel

The ϕ114 mm MPM production line for Chong Steel was designed and manufactured by Tongze and the equipments are being installed now.

This production line uses 2- roller and 6- stand MPM with retailed mandrel, mainly including the rotary hearth heating furnace, cone type piercer, rolling mill, extractor, walking beam reheating furnace, SRM, walking beam cooling bed, pipe layer saw, straightener, etc. 

The rolling mill uses hydraulic pressing down with quick opening in line function.  The project adopts the most advanced control techniques. Tongze completely owns the intellectual property of the production line. 

Customer: Chong Steel

Finished Pipe OD: ϕ38~114mm   WT: 3.5~14mm   

Annual output:  150,000 tons








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