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Company Lifeline: 
Safety; Quality; Efficiency; Environment-friendly; Good order
Four Controls: 
Quality, Quantity, Schedule and fund are controllable.
Company Tenet: 
Develop National Industry; Establish World-famous Enterprise
Company Spirit:
Preciseness; Harmony; Innovation; Efficiency
Company Soul:  
Talent; Innovation; Dedication
Staff Guidelines: 
Responsibility; Perseverance; Seriousness; Hardship Endurable; Injustice Endurable
Behavior Criterion: 
Morality; Professional Dedication; Teamwork
Principle of Innovation: 
Innovation on concept; Innovation on mechanism; Innovation on management; Innovation on technology
Principle of Management:  
Fairness; Set self an example; Practical efficiency; Hardworking; Simplicity
Principle of Design:  
Faults in innovation can be forgiven, repeated mistakes are forbidden. The only way to be a designing master is the accumulation in designing practice.
Managerial Principle:
Innovation first; Market Cultivation; Win-win Cooperation
Principle of Quality:
Quality is the life of enterprise’s survival and development. Customer’s approval is the only criterion for quality judgement.
Principle of Development: 
Enterprises are not like trees which can grow taller and stronger at the same time. We can only develop in the cross-over type by developing technology to the peak of industry worldwide.
Company Treasure: 
Clearance; Establish Righteousness; Avoid Discrimination
Main Goal of 2018: 
Remember the original dream. Make a worldwide miracle that we are able to finish 6 sets of MPM and TRCM production lines within one year.