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Taiyuan Tongze Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. was established in August 2001, with registered capitalof 51.7 million yuan. The headquarters and R&D center are located in Shanxi Transformation and Comprehensive Reform Demonstration Zone. It belongs to the equipment manufacturing industry. It is a high-tech private enterprise that develops seamless steel pipe hot rolling and extrusion equipments, special defense equipments and precision molds and has general contracting, system integration and international trade business. It owns mature practical experience in R&D, design, manufacturing, installation and trial production of large-scale seamless steel pipe production line project general contracting.


Tongze is a high-tech enterprise, a national-level technology innovation demonstration enterprise, a national-level intellectual property advantage enterprise. The company has a state-level enterprise technology center with an academician work station and a postdoctoral research station.


The leading products developed by Tongze include: continuous rolling steel pipe production line, radial forging mill, seamless steel pipe rotary expansion production line, stainless steel extrusion production line, large diameter thick-wall seamless steel pipe punching-drawing production line. The seamless steel pipe hot-rolling and extrusion forming equipment developed by Tongze can produce seamless steel pipes with diameters from Φ32mm to Φ1500mm and wall thicknesses from 3.2mm to 200mm.


Tongze adheres to the development strategies of “Talent-oriented, innovation-oriented, and advocating dedication” cultivates and forges innovative talents and promote development through innovation. The company has more than 300 employees. The Enterprise Technology Center has more than 200 research persons from China, Germany, India and other countries. The technology covers 16 R&D design departments and 3 laboratories. Adhering to continuous innovation with a high starting point, Tongze forms  core technologies and with independent intellectual property rights. At the end of 2018, more than 200 patents have been applied, including 84 invention patents. More than 100 patents have been granted by the state. Tongze has 3 famous brand products in Shanxi and 7 registered trademarks and participates in setting of 10 industry standards. Tongze owns the mechanical equipment manufacturing general base (equipped with the most advanced five-axis CNC bridge milling machine 6000 × 6000 × 17000mm and double trolley 200 tons assembly crane in China now), the electronic control equipment manufacturing plant (in cooperation with Siemens, Germany) and the hydraulic equipment manufacturing plant, in total 5 wholly-owned professional equipment subsidiaries


After more than ten years of independent innovation and hard work,  Tongze takes the lead in realizing the localization and industrialization of major complete technical equipment for continuous rolling mills. The two-roll and three-roll continuous rolling mills developed by Tongze have reached the international advanced level. The Φ114mm two-roll continuous rolling pipe production line won the first prize of Taiyuan Science and Technology Progress Award, the Φ250mm two-roll continuous rolling pipe production line won the first prize of Shanxi Science and Technology Progress, and the Φ366mm three-roll continuous rolling mill units was recognized as a national key new product. Exported Φ180mm continuous rolling pipe unit to India first realized the breakthrough of “zero” export of significant seamless steel pipe equipment of China. China's first 36MN stainless steel hot extrusion pipe production line developed by Tongze was identified as a national key new product. In 2018, the first homemade TMH20/15MN radial forging mill with our own intellectual property rights was successfully tested and put into production.


Tongze’s products have a large coverage and high market share. The products have been used in all main seamless steel pipe manufacturing enterprises of China- Tianjin Pipe Corporation, Bao Steel, Baotou Steel, Wuxi Seamless Oil Pipe Co.,Ltd , Valin, Changbao, Zhejiang Jiuli, Jianli , Xinye Steel, Walsin Lihwa, China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation, Chong Steel, Jiangsu Biaoxin, Shandong Luli, etc. It is the first enterprise in China to export large complete seamless steel pipe hot rolling equipments. At present, the products have been exported to Germany, the United States, India, Thailand, Saudi Arabia and other countries.


Over years, Tongze has adhered to continuous innovation at a high starting point. It has first realized the significant transformation from Chinese manufacturing to Chinese creation in the industry of China. It has played an active role in China's transition from a large manufacturing country of seamless steel pipe to a manufacturing power of seamless steel pipe and seamless steel pipe equipment. It has become the most innovative and internationally competitive enterprise in the industry.


We sincerely hope that we can cooperate with more domestic and foreign customers, suppliers and research institutes to share a prosperous future in the field of seamless steel pipe equipments.