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TZCE signs the contract of 4 sets of MPM and TRCM production lines.

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TZCE signs the contract with Shandong Luli Group of 4 sets of seamless pipe MPM and TRCM production lines.

Shandong Luli Group decides to launch several sets of seamless pipe continuous rolling production lines at the same time to become the top seamless pipe manufacturing base in the world.

The first stage project is scheduled to produce 3,000,000 tons of seamless pipes each year with the product specification: φ32mm 351mm,  which is unprecedented all around the world.

This project attracts a lot of domestic and overseas attention owing to large quantity, short delivery time and several lines being launched at the same time. TZCE finally wins the contract after more than 1 year of technical exchange, equipment evaluation with the advantages of advanced technology, reliable equipments, short manufacturing time. On September 2223, 2017,  both parties signs the contract of 2 sets of MPM production lines(159A) , 2 sets TRCM production lines (273).

By now, the design of 2 sets of MPM production lines(159A) equipments is over and the manufacturing is continuing. The production organization of first stage has been finished and the first set of MPM production line is launched in June , 2018. The design of 2 sets of TRCM production lines(273) equipments has begun. We estimate that the design will complete entirely in March, 2018 and then the production stage will begin. The estimated launch time is at the end of December, 2018.