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New product information--TMH20/15MN quick radial forging machine

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TZCE designs and manufactures TMH20/15MN quick radial forging machine for Jiangsu Biaoxin Industrial Co.,Ltd. The installation of TMH20/15MN quick radial forging mill production line ends at the end of 2017. We estimate that the cold trial will complete on January 30, 2018 and the hot trial will be finished at the end of  April, 2018. This equipment uses the CNC multiple shaft synchronous control system to control 4 hammers. In total, more than 20 shafts work synchronously including the rotating shaft, feeding shaft , mandrel shaft and etc of 2 operation machines. It maximally combines the advantages of hydraulic free forging and mechanical hydraulic radial forging by means of precise control of hammer speed and press down value. Its completeness marks the industrialization application of China’s radial forging mill has been realized.

The equipment has the production range in free forging: cogging φ 600800mm and production range in radial forging φ 80480 mm. The equipment has two functions: 1. precision forging 4*1500t, forging frequency 3 times / second  2. quick forging 4*2000t, forging frequency, 15 times/ minute.

The equipment is used in forging of high temperature alloy materials like pipe, bar, etc , fitting in the high grade materials production in aerospace, ocean, energy sources.